Made of three major layers… big spots, background noise as minor rust and some scratches. Blend: Metal Spotty Discoloration 001

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  1. Love your materials, and I’ve learned a lot from looking at how you do things. However, need to comment on two things. First, the scale of your testobject (SolidModel) is 0.106. When hitting CTRL-A and assign the scale to get it to 1, the material is not scaled correctly. This makes it difficult to use in other project without fixing the scale in some of the nodes in the material.
    Secondly it would be great if you would clean the files of materials and other things you’re not using and just focus on the important things. That would make it much easier.
    Looking forward to seeing more great things on this site and the facebook group 🙂

    1. Thank you! The “show” file was just something I got external, so I have not looked in to it thoroughly but I can now see that you are correct. Will go through and change my zip files when I get some time for it to make them cleaner. Once again thanks for the feedback. All these small things help me give you all a good experience :).

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