This is the place for all textures that I make. When you download a texture you will not get a picture. Instead you will get the complete “.blend” file (zipped format) with the node setup, so that you easily can adapt, fine tune or change the nodes as you please.

NB! 100% of the textures are made by myself from scratch. No external textures or images are used. Also, if I find that I can enhance or build an existing material that looks even better then a posted material I will exchange the old with a new, so it is a constantly changing page and you should always come back to get the newest version.

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Building Materials:


WallPaper generator:

Organic materials:

NB! For the Apple shader you will have a in depth document here: http://www.blenderinsight.com/documentation-for-the-colorpeel-apple-shader


Stone Materials:

Wood Materials:



Aging materials:



Magic Hull